Evolutionary argument against naturalism

You can have evolution or naturalism but you can't have both

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Is anyone thirsty?

Innate knowledge that we miss the mark and need the cross of Christ

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First Importance

How can we know what early Christians believed?

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Arguments against naturalism

How DNA, free will, and morality make metaphysical naturalism impossible

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External and Internal Evidence for the Preservation of the New Testament

What Every Muslim Needs to Know About How We Got the New Testament (Injeel), part 4

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The internal evidence of the NT shows an immediate expectation and acceptance of the writings of the apostles. From the Church Fathers, we can see that the sub-corpus of the 4 gospels and the book of Acts were accepted extremely early and exclusively. The letters of Paul were copied, transmitted, and read across the entire population of Christians including his personal letters and the sub-corpus of Paul’s 13 letters were assembled together. Even heretical and gnostic writings confirm the early existence of the gospels in that it is the gospels that they mimic and never the other way around.