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Steve Schlichter
/ Categories: Politics, Ethics & Morality

Censorship and the Christians

Is free speech a nicety that we stumbled on or does it derive from biblical principles

Western society historically values the freedom of speech. The 1st ammendment is an expression of the innate right that humans have a right to voice their values. Does this right derive from a biblical perspective or is it something that we arrived at thru other means.

We all value freedom of speech but where does it come from?

Steve Schlichter will be arguing that the freedom of speech is derived from man's delegation of the image of God and from biblical principles. He is an evangelical Christian and has 5 children with his wife, Jenni. As a libertarian, he seeks to demonstrate how the cause of liberty is consistent and necessary in a Christian worldview.

Gregory Richardson will take the position that while good, freedom of speech is not a Biblical principle per se.  Greg is also an evangelical Christian for over 40 years, he is happily married with 3 "children."  While a passionate lover of politics, he believes none of the 3 leading parties accurately encompass the Christian belief system. 

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