Arguments against naturalism

How DNA, free will, and morality make metaphysical naturalism impossible

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Inflation, unequal weights, and taxing the poor

How the Nixon shock gave us un-sound money and caused systemic injustice and poverty

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Logical errors that influence our ability to discern the truth

How everyday commonplace errors and fallacies distort our ability to get closer to truth

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Instead of a debate, we are going to discuss beliefs and how we justify them. What makes a belief that we hold a justified true belief? This is a useful exercise; not only in debates, but politics, and everyday life. Beliefs we hold can vary and be a cause for disagreement but the tools we use and arguments we employ to justify those beliefs are objectively valid or fallacious and the methods used for drawing closer to truth should be areas that we all agree on.

So, this discussion is not about what we believe but how we arrive at conclusions and the errors that we make in getting there. Part of the discussion will entail Greg Richardson, Chris Samuels, and Scott Cherry spending some time on a specific fallacy that they encounter and how to recognize it.