Letter from the DMZ is an attempt to provide a venue for free (local) discussion of issues related to culture, politics, and philosophy. The DMZ is a layman’s debate society in the Detroit area designed to foster thought and free discussion in a culture where that is becoming increasingly impossible. A demilitarized zone is an area where treaties and agreements are made while hostilities are ceased. The DMZ is a space to discuss contemporary issues but it is no safe space. This is a space to risk being offended, challenged, and given opportunity to use reason, logic, and evidence to support your views and if not successful, challenged to alter them.

Steve Schlichter (Canton, MI) is the founder of the site. Steve is an evangelical Christian and has 5 children with his wife, Jenni. As a libertarian, he seeks to demonstrate how the cause of liberty is consistent and necessary in a Christian worldview.

There is a time for preaching and a time for discussion. There is never a time for preaching disguised as a discussion. Most good ideas and views that comport with reality have to be tested, challenged, and debated. That is the purpose of the DMZ – to challenge ideas, detect fallacies, and reason together. Good ideas are refined and bad ideas are abandoned.

You can contact Steve by either emailing him or registering on the site and messaging him.


Why don’t you just use Facebook?

I am glad you asked. I don’t trust Facebook with the flow of information and neither should you. Neither my personal information and where it goes nor public information as social media companies continue to demonstrate their ability and desire to suppress information.

Where are the meetings?

Last year the meetings were held in a local pub. This year, because of Covid-19 over-reaction, the meetings are starting on zoom but will resume in person if any local restaurants are still standing.

How do I join?

You can either register on the site (upper right corner) or you can click on the DMZ tab and register for a specific debate / meeting.