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Steve Schlichter

Biblical justice and a fair wage

What is just according to the Bible and can it be used to determine what are fair wages

The Bible has a lot to say about justice as it relates to wealth and poverty. The Christian cannot escape the fact that God is concerned about the poor, the oppressed, and those that cannot defend themselves. As Christians, God's concerns are our concern. The Bible not only provides us motivation but also provides us with principles and guidelines.

What does biblical justice look like and what is the Christians role in it's implementation?

Please join us Tuesday, Jan 12th on Zoom for a debate on the topic of biblical justice. Simply click the Register button and an email will be sent to you with a link to the meeting.

Chris Samuels and Steve Schlichter will debate their views on the topic of biblical justice as it relates to fair wages?

Steve Schlichter is arguing that the Bible does not just give us motivations for loving our neighbor but that it provides us with insights on what actions are loving and what actions are unjust.

Christopher Samuel is a lay apologist who lives in southeast Michigan and he is arguing that fair wages are the type of thing that Christians should care about and be advocating for. He has attended Lake Pointe Bible Church in Plymouth Michigan for the past 15 years where he serves as a volunteer with the youth department and as co-coordinator of adult discipleship education. He also serves as a board member of a local apologetics organization called Advanced Ministries which specializes in outreach to Muslims. His focus in apologetics are in the areas of contextual apologetics, general apologetics, urban apologetics, church history and general theology. He has participated in local debates at Bible & Beer and online debates. He can be reached via email at








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